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Barbara J. Martin

Barbara J. Martin, SEGD • Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer and owner of KMA Design, Barbara J. Martin is the Principal-in-Charge oand oversees all design and master planning for projects.

With over 25 years of experience, she has developed a national reputation as an expert in creating architecturally and aesthetically cohesive signage and wayfinding systems. Her resume of projects includes work in educational institutions, sporting complexes, health care facilities, transportation and airport environs, entertainment complexes, governmental entities and largescale general assembly spaces.

Martin is primarily responsible for design and master planning for signage programs (averaging in size from 300,000 to over 1,500,000 building square feet), and has managed individual projects with signage budgets exceeding one million dollars. She has planned exterior signage programs for sites from 10 acres to 48 square miles.

Her particular area of expertise is “wayfinding,” the art of synthesizing key elements in functional and aesthetic design aiding in the cognitive mapping of unfamiliar territory.

As a faculty member for the American Hospital Association and the American Society of Hospital Engineers, Martin lectured on both wayfinding and developing signage master plans for health care facilities at several national health care conventions and conferences. She has also served as a guest panelist for educational programs regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Martin is a former member of the Board of Directors for both the Orlando Chapter of the AIA and for the Southpointe CEO Association.

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David W. Kosick • President

President and co-owner of KMA Design, Kosick is responsible for overseeing the KMA project management staff; as well as, the day-to-day operations of the firm.

With nearly 30 years experience in the sign master planning, intellectual property, advertising and marketing areas of the industry, he has developed a quality reputation as a communications specialist, providing expert knowledge in complex direction and information through the use of language, all conveyed in a understandable manner. His background in communications, with an emphasis in rhetoric, provides an intimate knowledge of language to signage programs, assuring consistency and clarity through the use of the written word.

With experience in all aspects of wayfinding, Kosick is a master at breaking down complex nuances of space and direction, and conveying in a simple, yet refined manner. Working in tandem with a team of graphic designers, Kosick brings the use of language into a functional and understandable format for each wayfinding program developed.

Kosick has programmed numerous facilities, stadia, cities, and complexes across the nation, with a focus on wayfinding for the occasional or infrequent visitor. His work precisely plans where and when it is necessary to provide directional cues for appropriate pedestrian and vehicular circulation in and around buildings.

Kosick also offers expertise in the area of corporate identity for a wide variety of clients. These services include corporate branding, brochure development, collateral packages, public relations and crisis management.

He is actively involved in the Pittsburgh amateur sporting community and has served as a board member or executive director of several not-for-profit organizations.

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Michael R. Martin • Design Director

Martin serves as the Design Director for KMA Design. He has been a member of the design team since 2004. His responsibilities include the graphic development of design concepts and ideas, for both environmental graphic design (signage), and traditional graphic design (websites, logos, print and collateral material) projects.

From the development of an original idea to construction documents for approved signage, the translation of a client’s desired look for graphic material, Martin serves as a link between KMA and clients/fabricators in bringing an abstract concept to reality.

Understanding that each environment is different, Martin believes that each project has its own strengths, values, and surroundings and that each should be taken into account while designing. This allows the final signage design to become part of the environment… accenting what is important while being aesthetically pleasing and cohesive architecturally.

He also understands the importance of typography in graphic design. The use of the right letterforms and spacing increase visibility and legibility, allowing the design to easily communicate the information necessary.

Martin blends a modern graphic design sensibility with the more classic rules of fine art and architecture, creating programs that appeal to both conservative and ultra-modern tastes alike.

Frank A. Speney • Fabrication Specialist

As a Senior Graphic Designer for KMA Design Speney’s primary responsibility is to serve as a liaison between KMA and clients/fabricators from project inception to conclusion.

With a background in fabrication, Speney provides an extra level of client comfort and project thoroughness to each step of the process. From procuring pricing from fabricators to executing punch lists, his primary responsibility is to represent the interests of the client in each and every step of a project.

Speney is well-versed in codes affecting signage, including the 2010 ADA, MUTCD, National Fire Code and state/municipal codes particular to various projects.

Other responsibilities include: inventorying existing signage, development of historical documentation, assisting with the development of message schedules and sign placement for appropriate pedestrian and vehicular circulation and maintaining direct communications with other designers, clients and fabricators.

Speney has served as graphic designer on projects of all sizes. Working in tandem with the various specialties of the KMA team, he ensures each project unsurpassed representation.

Steve S. Fay • Graphic Designer

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History from Ohio University and an Associate’s in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Steven Fay provides a historical, artistic insight and background to KMA’s team of Graphic Designers. Prior to employment, Fay was also avid in an assortment of freelance work regarding art, design, and branding. His role as a designer for KMA involves contributing to the creation and development of different graphical components that adhere to the visual, functional, and regulation aspects of each specific project. Steven works collectively with the entire design firm to ensure client satisfaction.

Ashley M. Karpa-Strang • Graphic Designer

Ashley Karpa-Strang, Graphic Designer for KMA Design, graduated from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute with a focus in Fine Arts. Her artistic background hosts a variety of freelance work including photography and brand development in a range of different mediums. With specialized training in the leading Adobe design applications, Ashley utilizes her expertise collectively with the graphics department to curate unique, professional, and cohesive productions. She understands of the importance of format, typography, letterform, and emits her vast knowledge into each project she is involved with at KMA.

Marianna E. Mohney • Website Developer / Graphic Designer

As the Website Developer/Graphic Designer for KMA Design, Mohney’s responsibilities include the creation of web-based applications and signage systems. Mohney’s web development tasks include meeting with clients to collect and review relevant materials to determine aesthetics and design criteria to meet the client’s desires. Mohney is well versed in HTML and other coding technology allowing KMA Design to provide cutting-edge web design for various clients. Mohney is also tasked with up-keep and maintenance of websites affording clients a web presence that is up-to-date and consistent with respective business logistics.

As a graphic designer, Mohney is charged with design and development of interior and exterior signage systems for a variety of facility and site projects. These tasks include creation of location and demolition plans during the sign planning process. She is also responsible for elevating and detailing sign types that are incorporated into bid packages for construction.

Jeremy D. Detwiler • Senior Project Manager

Jeremy Detwiler serves as a Senior Project Manager for KMA Design. His primary tasks include daily management of all projects, which encompasses client and fabricator communication, meetings, design reviews and quality control visits.

His background ensures that each project achieves the level of correspondence, coordination and organization needed to achieve successful project completion. As a managerial staff member, Detwiler will distribute project tasks and responsibilities to the fabrication team to assure that all budgets, schedules and goals for each project are met. Detwiler reports to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and President to monitor each project’s progression. He also works exclusively with the graphic design staff to ensure client satisfaction and adherence to deadlines.

Victoria N. Aubele • Project Manager

Victoria Aubele serves as a Project Manager for KMA Design. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Edinoboro University and seven years of customer service experience, Victoria is well equipped to accommodate the different clients that confide in KMA. From project inception to completion, her position requires her to communicate accordingly between clients, contractors, fabricators, and other parties. Under the direction of the firm’s CEO and President, Victoria ensures accurate, detailed, and precise communication to oversee the entire project.

Anthony J. Concolino • Project Manager

Anthony Concolino serves as a project manager for KMA Design. Working out of the Tampa office, his focus is on projects located in the Southeastern United States. His primary tasks include daily management of multiple projects, which encompass client and fabricator communications, meeting, design reviews, and quality control visits.

His background in construction management ensures that each project receives the level of correspondence, coordination, and organization that is necessary to guide the project to a successful completion. As a managerial staff member, Concolino distributes project tasks and responsibilities to the design, planning and fabrication team
verifying all budgets, schedules, and goals for each project are met. Concolino will work with the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and President to monitor each project’s progression.

Concolino interfaces with project architects, interior designers, construction managers and contractors verifying accuracy of sign placement and detailing. His ability in the layering of multiple disciplines and consultants to create a unified vision makes KMA’s work contextual within the built environment.

Chad Williams • Project Manager

Chad Williams will serve as a Project Manager for KMA Design. His primary responsibilities include the daily management of projects and their documentation requirements along with developing & maintaining the project scheduled from initiation to completion. As a former school administrator, his attention to detail and experience with institutional organization serve to ensure projects operate in an efficient manner. He will have daily communications with the company CEO, Barbara J. Martin, and interface with the office’s President, David W. Kosick, to monitor project performance. Williams also assists the CEO with fee proposals and cost analysis. He will also coordinate with the graphic staff to assure timely completion of all project requirements are met.

Williams’ particular area of expertise is in the planning and messaging of sign systems for complex building types. He places a particular emphasis on building codes and his knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 2010 version, assures his clients that projects meet all current guidelines. In addition to the planning of static sign programs, He also takes into consideration various forms of media, which may complement a sign program including touch-screen kiosks, LED signage and applications that are particular to smart phone and web-based technology. Williams has also planned, translated and implemented bi-lingual messaging for various clients throughout the country.