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Waterfront Place

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About the Project

Nestled along the Monongahela River in Morgantown, West Virginia, the Waterfront is a multi-use venue encompassing office, retail, restaurants, hotel, condominiums, exhibit space, marina, walking/biking trails and a future performing arts center. KMA Design was asked to develop both vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signs and site identification signs to guide visitors and guests in and around buildings, hotels, and natural waterfront settings.

Based on a graphic theme of rolling water, the main entrance sign is comprised of undulating layers of edge-lighted acrylic with neon channel-lit letters that boldly announce the main entrance into the site. Secondary directional signs lead vehicular and pedestrian visitors through parking garages, to the Caperton Trail, and other site amenities. All signs including the regulatory traffic control devices utilize like materials and colors for consistency and site recognition.

In conjunction with the city of Morgantown and the adjacent newly renovated Waterfront “District,” the design team developed a thematic sign program specific to the Waterfront parcel while being cohesive with the architectural and signage criteria set forth by the City to unify the various attractions along the waterway.