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About the Project

Deemed one of the largest federally funded transportation projects in the United States, the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) Metro Denver’s Transportation Project (T-Rex) provides linkage to the south suburban communities of Denver, CO, and connects the two leading employment centers in the region: the Denver Central Business District and the Denver Tech Center.

In order to supply service to the entire metro region, approximately 2.5 million people, T-Rex has combined freeway re-construction with light-rail extension construction. This $1.67 billion project expands the city’s light-rail system an impressive 19 miles.

KMA was selected to develop and design cohesive, consistent, and user-friendly signage that will move passengers easily and safely to their destinations at the thirteen stations along the RTD’s new Southeast Corridor. This called for KMA to design a wayfinding system where directional, informational, identity, advertising and regulatory signage synchronize, thereby enhancing the travel experience for users of Denver’s light rail system.