About the Project


Located in the heart of Upper Cumberland, Tennessee, Cookeville Regional Medical Center is a six-level, 247-bed medical center providing care in 36 specialties.

This community-owned facility responded to the care needs of the area by expanding and updating services with the addition of a new tower housing patient beds and a cancer center. Following its decision to expand, the Cookeville Regional Medical Center signed on KMA Design to utilize its expertise in environmental graphic design to create new signage and wayfinding system for the entire existing campus, as well as the new addition.

The interior portion of the project compliments the sleek interior architectural highlights and materials by using a sophisticated approach to the signage design. Metals, wood veneers and LEED certified materials were used to respond to the building and speak to the visitor and patient through a means of well-planned directional signage and imagery.

KMA also created a comprehensive exterior wayfinding system that included vehicular directional, entrance identification, pedestrian directional and building identification. The signage program presents a unique image for the hospital grounds through the use of lighting and flexibility, unifies the site visually and establishing the boundaries and gateways around the property.