City of Kennesaw

About the Project


Just outside of Atlanta sits the City of Kennesaw, GA home of the “General” an infamous Civil War steam engine stolen by the Yankees in an attempt to cut off all communication to the South. Telegraph lines were cut along the way during the heist only to be foiled by the owner of the train, John Fulton, who hunted down the robbers and single-handedly halted what could have been a military disaster for the Confederate States.

Kennesaw sought to celebrate the history of the city, once known as Big Shanty, by engaging in a city-wide wayfinding and signage program. The signage is intended to pull visitors off the highways and from other Civil War historic sites, such as the Kennesaw Mountain Battle Field and the heart of downtown where the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History and historic train depot are located.

The signage has a Southern appeal with the use of color and details found on the historic locomotive. Gold pin-striping, red and black hues highlight the sign construction, while the type is in white to contrast with the background. In addition to the destination signs and directional signs, large gateway signs with full-color LED video message boards were also developed.