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About the Project

KMA Design was hired to complete a comprehensive update of Stony Brook University’s internal and external signage and wayfinding systems for its six quads, made up of 26 residence halls, and three apartment complexes, over 48 buildings in all.

For the residence exterior, KMA created vehicular and pedestrian directionals, and building identification with incorporated directories. Signs were internally illuminated by LED certified lights, and color-coordinated by accent strip according to each quad. Interior signage for each building continued the respective color scheme. Categorizing buildings by color allows for easy identification by visitors and new residents.

Materials used for the project included aluminum, polycarbonate, and LED lights and other LEED certified materials. Directories located on building identification signage were internally illuminated and made using a translucent screen image and day/night acrylic. For the internal portion of the project, KMA created room identification signage and a wayfinding system. To help ensure that Stony Brook University’s residence areas are convenient for all its residents, internal signs were ADA compliant. The sign program added a means of circulating through long expanses or corridors that mirrored each other eliminating confusion for new students and their families.