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Orange County Courthouse

  • Orange County Courthouse
  • Orange County Courthouse
  • Orange County Courthouse

About the Project

Located in Orlando, the Orange County Courthouse is one of the nation’s largest county courthouses. The complex, which consists of a 24-story court tower, 2 five-story office buildings (housing the state attorney and public defender offices), a 1,500-car parking structure (including street level retail), and a central energy plant, encompasses a 9 1/2 acre city block in the downtown area.

To complement the classic architectural design, custom signage was created to enhance both the interior and exterior environment through a unified and consistent design theme. To prohibit them from being used as possible weapons, all signage in the courthouse setting was secured with vandal-resistant hardware and made of non-breakable materials.

A comprehensive wayfinding system was developed to move visitors, staff, law enforcement officials, defendants, witnesses and others, through a myriad of entrances, elevators, escalators, stairwells, secure corridors, and interstitial restricted areas.

Special features of the project include historical civic quotes engraved into the architectural frieze of the rotunda and behind the bench in the complex’s 52 courtrooms; as well as the development of standards for street level retail shop signage.