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City of Shawnee

  • City of Shawnee

About the Project

In 2006, the city of Shawnee, population 30,000, hired KMA Design to transform all forms of traveler information into a cohesive wayfinding system. Trying to shed the image of a “Rodeo Town”, Shawnee wanted a fun, progressive and well-planned program to reflect their master plan goals for the city. Names were assigned to each district and incorporated into the trailblazing signage, serving as a wayfinding tool by reinforcing to the visitor their location within the city.

KMA Design rationalized its regional travel into five districts: Gateway District, Enterprise District, Pioneer District, Downtown District, Heritage District.

KMA provided a signage program that utilizes color-coding for each district, surrounded by a heavy black border. The left side of each frame is broken by a flowing vertical, playfully broken edge. The font used upon the top of each trailblazing sign is artfully dignified and announces each district as you enter it. Signs limit the amount of messages to maximize visibility and highlight forty-three major destinations.