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Alle-Kiski Medical Center

  • Alle-Kiski Medical Center Exterior

About the Project

Located in the heart of Natrona Heights, PA, Alle-Kiski Medical Center, a 250-bed facility, serves as the major healthcare provider for its community. With the opening of a new Emergency Department and Endoscopy Department, the center desired new signage that would unify the existing architecture with the new space. KMA Design was selected to develop a comprehensive interior and exterior signage program and wayfinding system that coincided with the aesthetics of the existing surroundings.

The interior signage system was created using polycarbonate, photopolymer and laminate accent pieces. For added versatility, various signs utilized a grip-a-strip. KMA integrated the center’s symbol, an olive branch, in its design theme, providing an innovative approach that brought a modern tone to an established symbol. The KMA team incorporated a wayfinding system including, room identification, wall-mounted and overhead directionals, department identification, informational signage and a directory. When developing the directory, KMA used removable panels, providing easy access for changeable information. Site signage is reflective of the healthsysteme branding standards using corporate colors and graphic elements to enhance the site environs and architecture.